Take care of your children; they are your richest treasure. J.P- VASWANI

 Dear Parents

 At the outset, let me welcome you to the Sadhu Vaswani Family. We thank you for choosing to entrust your child to us. It is an honour to have you on board.

 Sadhu Vaswani International School, Hyderabad; was started by the Sadhu Vaswani Mission, A.P. on the 4th of June 2008. Dada J.P.Vaswani, our Inspirer, inaugurated the school on the 10th of August 2008. The Sadhu Vaswani Mission is renowned the world over as a great humanitarian service organization, respected for its widespread service activities.

 We would like to share with you, periodically; the progress at school and also seek your ideas and suggestions. Through this letter we are creating a mechanism for a regular two way communication. We are beginning this with an update on various activities at SVIS.  Given below are some important dates and events you may like to note.

 NEW SESSION-2017-2018

 School will commence from 20th March 2017 Monday for Grades II to IX , 6th March for Grade XII and from 27th March 2017 Monday for the Pre-primary- Playgroup to Grade I. School timings are:8.00 1.00 p.m. for Nursery, and 8.15 a.m. to 3.15 p.m. for Grades PPI to XII. The school will function for half days during the summer-(27th March to 21stApril 2017) from 8.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. for all classes 21st April 2017 is the last working day of the session for classes Play Group to Grade VIII, and 28th April 2017 for Grades IX-XII. School re-opens on 5th June 2017; after the Summer Break for Playgroup to Grade VIII, and on 29th May 2017 for Grades IX-XII.


 The text books, Uniform and note books of the various classes will be distributed on the school premises for the new students. The following is the schedule:

 2nd March (Thursday-10 a.m. TO 2.00 p.m.) –Grade Nursery and PPI

 3rd March (Friday-10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.) – Grade PP II AND I

 4th March-(Saturday-10.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.)- All new students

 You may collect the list from the school office if you have paid the entire fees for Term I and then collect the books and notebooks from the Vendor who will be stationed in the school premises.

 Venue for Books: Basement

 Venue for stationery (which you will have to buy) - Dining Hall 4


The uniform for Nursery to Prep II is a blue chequered pinafore with a white blouse for girls and the same blue chequered shorts and white shirt for the boys. All girls must wear blue/black cycling shorts; available with the book vendor and on sale. The uniform for Grades I to VII is denim blue coloured pinafore and white blouse for girls and denim blue shorts and a white shirt for the boys, with a school logo on the front pocket. For Grades VIII to XII it is denim blue coloured kurta with the school logo, white salwar and Scarf for the girls and denim blue trousers and white shirt with a logo on the pocket for the boys. Two sets shall be provided by the school and if you need more; you will have to place an order. Only one set of uniform will be provided from next year onwards as the annual charges for old students is less as compared to the new students. Most of the old students do not require two sets of uniforms. The Sports Uniform is a white T-Shirt with the school logo in the front and the initials-SVIS; at the back, of the house colour of the child. The shorts/divided skirt are also of the house colour of the child. Sports uniform too will be given for new students later.


You are required to buy Black Campus Sports shoes with a Velcro (PREFERABLY) and plain black socks (CALF LENGTH) for your ward. You may Contact Mr. Altaf Charaniya, 8801637511,S. No. 4,5,6,20 and 21, Chandralok Complex, Paradise Crossroads, S.D. Road, Secunderabad. Landline-04066811168. Email- White P.E. canvas shoes to be worn on PE days are also available at the same shop. You need to carry your child’s id card for reference and avail of a 10% discount on both shoes and socks.

Please buy Navy Blue cardigans (available in the book shop at school) and girls should wear Navy blue/black hair bands and Navy Blue/black cycling shorts. These can also be bought from the same vendor.

The School Almanac will be issued to the children as soon as they join school and the ID card will be given on the day you come to collect the books.


We have almost 73 Buses and 38 wingers plying all over the twin cities. Please confirm the bus route of your ward with the Transport Managers- Mr.C.K.Nath,  Phone no.: 9985132099



Gradually we shall introduce you to the Staff – so that you get to know them better.  We shall introduce you to them in an Orientation Programme in April 2017.


The Fire Escape Staircase has been built for the safety of the children according to the new G.O. The Tennis Courts are given on contract for maintenance as well as the pitch for cricket net practice. The rest of the field is for Football and Athletics. We also have a dedicated area for indoor games. The Physics, Biology and Chemistry Labs are well furnished.  We also have a Maths Lab, a Science Park, Social Science Lab and a Junior Lab a newly assembled dedicated Language Lab with 32 computers. A new block has come up next to the NURI BLOCK and we have shifted Grades IV to VI there.


The day for SVISians begins in the Sanctuary Hall where they meditate, do pranayam, and chant the Slokas.  The thought for the day, extempore speaking is also carried out by the students of the house on duty. A teacher tells them a story to emphasize moral values. Our chairman, Dr. Harish Mirchandani usually tells the students a message from Dada supported by an example or a story.


The present group of students has been showing a lot of interest in sports and other activities. They play Athletics, Tennis, Cricket, Table Tennis, Skating, Badminton, Basket Ball and other ball games. They are also involved in playing Carrom, Chess and other Indoor Games. They love the Gym period where children do Gymnastics and Yoga on mats. Besides, they are taught classical dance and music. Taekwondo classes too are very popular and some of them have achieved the yellow belt, green belt and the brown belt.


Students have been participating in many a competition held in school and out of school; like, Art and Craft, Hindi & English Recitation, Creative Writing, Quiz, Leaf Painting. An Exhibition of their work was held last year. We also conduct the Annual Day and Sports Day alternatively. There is always hundred percent participation by all the students who take part enthusiastically. Competitive Exams like Olympiad, NSTSE, AISTSE; Photography classes and other activities are arranged for those who are interested.  You can go to our website and view the pictures by connecting to the link given there.

Srushti Joshi of grade X represented our State for JENESYS programme. It is basically a cultural exchange programme held in Japan and only 30 students from all over India were selected as delegates  to represent our country.

 SVIS hosted the IIMUN (Indian International Model United Nations.) Model United Nations, also called Model UN, is a simulation of the United Nations, where students become delegate ambassadors from UN member states to debate on past and present world issues, ranging from the environment to social issues and even Law. In committee, delegates use diplomacy, teamwork and leadership to make speeches, prepare resolutions. Around 500 delegates from all over the city participated in a three day programme.

Mansha Fatima of Grade XI was one of the two students selected by Google from all over India; for the Google Science Fair; wherein she presented her online Science Project on “Water Management in Paddy Fields”. She was invited to the Google office in California to present her Project. It was indeed a humbling moment for the entire school.


The children celebrate ‘Raksha Bandhan’ by tying ‘RAKHIS’ to each other. ‘Janmashtami is celebrated by breaking the ‘DAHI HANDI’. On ‘Ganesh Chaturti, the children make cards of Lord Ganesha. Eid is celebrated by dressing up the children in traditional Muslim costumes and eating ‘Sheer Khurma’, Christmas is celebrated with equal gusto. Carols and hymns are sung and children dance around the Christmas tree which is beautifully decorated and Santa Claus gives biscuits to all at the end. Children from an orphanage are invited to take part in the festivities and go away with good cheer and gifts – a plenty.


The children are taken to the Geeta Ashram for bird feeding and for the study of plants. We also took them for a visit to the Supermarket as part of their Maths activity. Other visits were to the Planetarium, Museum and to the Post Office. In keeping with the ideals of the School, we also take them to Old Age Homes and Street Boys Homes; for feeding the poor. Some children go to the Forest to study plants and trees and to sight animals. Our older students went on an excursion to Pune, Mysore, Coorg, Bangalore, Delhi, Kulu-Manali, Mukteshwar, Mahableshwar and also to Jim-Corbett National Park. They also went to KIDIHOU and Active Farm. Students of IX and X went to Warangal, Grade XI to an adventure trip to HIDDEN CASTLE and Grade XII to Pune.


While breakfast is part of the fee structure, you will have to opt for Lunch for your ward. We serve them healthy, nutritious and vegetarian meals at Rs. 4200 a term (Rs. 12,600 per annum). Please let us know your option for lunch. We ensure hygienic quality and maintain high standards. Please note that this is a subsidized rate and there is no profit motive involved. Please inform us immediately if you want your child to avail of this facility.


Our school has always believed in giving more than its best and we believe in the need of teaching for understanding rather than teaching for exams. We believe that childhood is a phase meant to be enjoyed, not to see boredom and irritation on our children’s faces. We do not believe in learning by rote with piles of books on our side; but children should have fun while they learn; at the same time have an all round development.

We provide standard C.B.S.E. Education.  Students of Grade I and above will take Formative and Summative Assessments by September and will be graded accordingly on the pattern of the C.C.E (Cumulative and Continuous Evaluation). We shall hand you their Progress Report in October and their Final Assessment will be done in February-March 2017.

 To reduce the load of heavy bags, we have decided to start a pilot project of no exam, no-bags for Grades 1 and 2 beginning from April 2017. They shall carry only water bottles and a diary. They shall have weekly tests and the average of all these tests will decide their promotion.

 As part of the Value education, we would like your child to subscribe for the ‘Mira Magazine’ - A Children’s Magazine. It has a lot of moral stories for children and amazing facts and games which we are sure the children will enjoy. The annual subscription is Rs. 200/- (rupees hundred only). Please contact the school office for this. We also distribute East and West series and Dil Ka Dwar Khol as part of their value education (free of charge).


St. Mira’s Day Care provides Day Care for children of working parents. Please call: 9246398331. We have well qualified teachers looking after the children from 8.00 a.m. in the morning to 6.00 p.m. in the evening. We also have transport to pick and drop children. The playgroup works from 9.30 to 12.30 p.m.


All fees have been hiked by 5% and this will be charged as arrears in the 2nd Term.


We will hold an Orientation Programme for all the new Parents in April; so that you get to know more about the school and the teachers. We shall inform you of the date later.

IMPORTANT: Students coming from other schools must finish their term in their respective schools and take their exams there as we will need their Report Cards and TCs. Those parents who have not submitted the Birth Certificates and Photographs of their wards, kindly do the same immediately. Foreign Nationals must submit the required documents (PIO copy and passport copy) before school begins.

Any change in address /route should be informed 3 days in advance by filling in the ‘Address Change Application Form’ in the school office and pay the difference in the Transport fee; if any

Thank you