Day Care Administrator's Message

Greetings from St.Mira's Day Care Centre

St. Mira proudly steps into its decennial year in 2017, continuing and promising to take care of your precious children. Dadaji believes that the brain of young ones is a fertile soil to sow the seeds of Character, Culture, Courage and Compassion. This is what we strive for at St.Mira's Day Care Centre.

 Apart from providing good Ambience, we at St. Mira's believe that your children should also be kept safe, so our caretakers do exactly that. They look after them, their studies(if they are in learning care),their food and overall well being. The Children at St. Mira's also have some physical activities along with playtime and Arts and Crafts activity or we let a child be happy and do nothing if he/she so desires. Keeping your child safe, happy and stress free in a homely atmosphere is very important after long day at School, and at the end of the day your child is safely dropped home.

 A fruitful and rewarding journey since 2008. Thank you parents for your co operation and trusting St.Mira's Day Care Centre where we believe that reward of one duty done is to fulfil another. We follow what our dear Gurudev Dada Vaswani says, "Do your duty in the best way you can ,and you will gradually march to perfection.”


Thank You

Karishma Devnani 
Day Care Administrator