List Of Holidays


12th March 2017 Sunday Holi
29th March 2017 Wednesday Ugadi
14th April 2017 Friday Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti, Good Friday
22nd April 2017 to 4th June 2017 Summer Break Playgroup to Grade VIII
29th April 2017 to 28th May 2017 Summer Break Grade IX - XIII
2nd June 2017 Friday Telangana Formation Day
26th June 2017 Monday Ramzan
10th July 2017 Monday Bonalu
14th July 2017 Friday Sadhu Hiranand's Birthday
4th August 2017 Friday Varalaxmi Puja
7th August 2017 Monday Raksha Bandan
15th August 2017 Tuesday Indepandance Day
25th August 2017 Friday Ganesh Chaturti
2nd September 2017 Saturday Bakrid
Ganesh Immersion will be announced later    
20th September 2017 Wednesday Batthukamma
20th September 2017 to 2nd October 2017 Wed - Mon Dusshera Holidays
1st October 2017 Sunday Muharrum
2nd October 2017 Monday Gandhi Jayanthi
17th to 19th October 2017 Tue - Thur Diwali Holidays
4th November 2017 Friday Milad un Nabi
1st December 2017 Sun- Tue Christmas Holidays
1st January 2018 Monday New Year
13th January 2018 to 16th January 2018 Sat - Tue Sankranti Holidays
26th January 2018 Friday Republic Day
14th February 2018 Wednesday Holiday for Shivaratri
2nd March 2018 Friday Holi