Pre - Primary

The Child is the Light And Life of The Nation

Ms. B. Tara

B. Tara has 15 years of experience in teaching the Pre Primary classes. She has done her Pre Primary Teacher’s Training Course and has also completed her Post graduation Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA). She is an assistant teacher in the Pre Primary section.

Nilofer Lakhani

Nilofer has joined SVIS as a Nursery teacher. She has done her PPTC-Pre-Primary Teacher’s Training course from SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai and her Masters in Literature from Amravati University. She is highly passionate, active and creative. She says she has the ability to adapt with new challenges and is enthusiastic about learning. She also has a good understanding of child psychology.

Deepa Raj

She is a post graduate and has done her pre-primary teacher’s training course. She has worked with Euro Kids. Her objective is to serve to the best of her abilities with utmost sincerity and contribute to the growth and development of the institution.

Ms. Renuka Joshi

She is our Playgroup teacher. Having completed her Montessori Training, she was successfully running her own Playgroup- Sunrise, in Maharashtra. In Hyderabad, Renuka has put in a year’s service in a playgroup, called Sanskriti. Renuka says that she gets her inspiration from children.


She has joined the pre-primary section of SVIS. A graduate of Commerce; her objective is to achieve holistic growth in her life using her competencies, character and commitment.


Having done her B.Com, Manjula went on to do her B. Ed in Special Education, Trained in computers too; she has been working in SVIS for over a period of 2 years. She adores children and feels that each child is unique in his own way. She is dedicated to her work and thinks that work is worship.

Manisha Gurnani

She has done her M.A in English Literature from Osmania University; with her schooling from St. Ann’s School. M.A from Osmania University. She has done her PPTTC and believes that children are tiny angels. It’s her love for them that has made her foray into this teaching field. She says she is very happy to work in SVIS.

Muskaan Begum

A graduate, Mrs. Muskaan’s love for children has motivated her to be a pre-primary teacher. She is fun-loving and a jovial person to be with. To educate children gives her satisfaction and helps her to lead a contended life.

K. Shirisha

Shirisha is graduate from Osmania University who is also a trained pre-primary teacher, having a B.Ed degree She has previously taught in St. Michaels’ School. She is hard working by nature and adapts to situations through understanding. She shows utmost dedication and aims to maintain amicable relations with everyone around her.

Nagesh Kumari

Mrs. Nagesh Kumari is a graduate from Osmania University with 10 years of teaching experience as a Pre-Primary teacher.She is a person with a positive attitude and a keen interest in Art and Craft. She has previously taught in Kindle Care High School.songs with equal fervour. She was the 2nd runner up in the Akhil Bhartiya Music Competition of 2005.

Satya Priyanka

Priyanka is a commerce graduate and is pursuing her B.Ed. She has joined SVIS as a pre-primary teacher. She is self-motivated and has a positive attitude with a strong belief in team work.

Ms. M. Shoba

She is a graduate from Osmania University and has completed her Pre Primary Teacher’s Training Course. She has been teaching since the past 12 years and likes working in a stimulating environment that brings out positive energies in her. She has excellent teaching skills.

Sheela Bakshi

Sheela has done her B.A, PGDCE (Post Graduate Diploma in Early childhood Education from Andhra Mahila Sabha). She has 11 years of experience handling Pre-primary classes. Her aim is to teach the children how to control their mind and about more moral values, instead of teaching them only the academic education.

Bhavana Patil

Mrs. Bhavana holds a Masters degree in Commerce with experience of being a pre-primary teacher. She is a soft spoken lady with a gentle touch towards the children. She has worked in Arvindha Bharthi Integral High School. She has joined SVIS because of her love for kids.

Vishali Laxmi

A graduate in M.Sc Bio-Chemistry from Osmania University; Vishali joined SVIS in 2013 and has been teaching the pre-primary. She works well with the students and has a good class control. She is energetic and always ready to take up any job at hand. She is passionate about children. She is now persuing her B.Ed. She is also good at various sports activities.

Swetha Rani

A graduate; Swetha is a Pre Primary Teacher with a four year experience. She has quickly engrained herself in the school routine and loves being with the children.


She has done her B.Com (Computers) and her NTT (Nursery Teacher’s Training) Course. She teaches our Pre Primary children and comes with a 3 year experience. She has taught in St. Joseph Play School and Shiv Shivani Public School. She is interested in Arts and Crafts and is computer savvy.

T.M. Ashwini

A graduate; Ms. Ashwini’s love for children has motivated her to be a pre-primary teacher. She loves to be around little children and to educate, nurture them has been her main goal to take up this profession.


This is Suganya’s second innings at SVIS. She is a post graduate and has also done her DIM-an International Montessori Course. She is teaching the pre-primary students and is very patient with children.

Ms. B. Anitha

Anitha Boddu has worked in St. Mira’s Playgroup section. She is a commerce graduate and has done her diploma in Pre-primary Education. She says she has a good understanding of child behavior. She is well versed in computers.She has recently joined the Pre- Primary section of SVIS.

Ms. Swetha Reddy

M.Swetha Reddy is a B.A and has a P.G.Diploma in Early Childhood Education. She has awillingness to learn new things and strives to achieve goals.She has an experience of 2 years as a pre-primary teacher. Her objjective is to work I a challenging environment where she can contribute the best of her skills and effort for the growth of the institution.

Ms. Supriya

A B Tech graduate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering; she has worked as a software Engineer for an MNC.She is highly interested in the teaching field and so she has chosen to teach children. She has joined SVIS as a Pre-Primary teacher.

Ms. Chetana

Mrs. Chetna Vasudeva has done her B. Sc, PPTC and B.Ed. She knows her subject very well and is a class teacher of PP II - E. She has good communication skills. She has experience of one year as a Maths teacher for middle school and two years as a Mother teacher for PP-II.

Neelam Asrani

She has done her B.Com from Mumbai University. She has a good experience in Banking and Travel Industry too.Currently she is working as pre primary co-teacher in SVIS.


Ms. B.Sunitha is a BSc, B.ED and has done her MBA- Finance.She has joined SVIS as a Primary teacher. Her career objective is to contribute to the institute which encourages learning and creativity of new ideas which stimulates personal and professional growth of students.


Ms. Srilatha has done her Masters in Commerce from Osmania University  and also her PPTTC. She has 3 years of experience as pre primary teacher in Sri Chaitanya techno School. She has joined SVIS as a pre-primary teacher. Her strengths are positive attitude, good team leader, dedication and hard working.

Neelima Naidu

Ms. Neelima has joined the Pre-Primary group of SVIS. A graduate in Commerce, her core competencies are Curriculum Development and inculcating discipline in children.

Saritha Chekkala

Ms. Sarita is an MBA graduate (Human Resources) and has completed PPTTC. She is highly skilled in implementing creative teaching techniques. She has won 'Teacher of the year for Creativity' Award in the year 2012 and 'Best Groomed Teacher Award' in 2015.


Ms. Sushma is an MBA graduate, highly motivated, creative and versatile. She is Good at dancing and painting with good public relation skills. She is known for her patience and deals confidently with kids.


Ms. Swarina feels that being a mother itself is being a teacher.She has good communication skills and is confident. She is very mature in handling children. She has joined SVIS as a Pre-Primary teacher.


Ms. Radha has an year of experience as a Nursery teacher in Time Kids Preschool. She is very loving and caring with pleasant disposition.


Ms. Sweta did her PGDE-CE and is pursuing M.A. in Hindi. Her love and compassion for children made her to take up teaching as a profession. She has 10 years of experience in the teaching field and has also worked as a Coordinator at Pranav International School. She believes that, 'A teacher needs to be like a mother, friend and a guide' to build a good relationship with the children.

S. K Swapna Devi

Ms. Swapna is a graduate and has done her PPTTC training from New Delhi. She has 10 years of teaching experience as a Pre Primary Teacher. Her strengths are patience, loyalty and flexible to work in any environment.

Ms.Rose Mary

Ms. Rosemary enjoys working with children. She is good at singing and Art and Craft. She also helps underpriveleged children in moulding them as students.

Ms. Nandini Romesh Pillay

Ms. Nandini has eight years of experience in administration. She is very active and loves teaching small children. She is pursuing pre - primary training.

Ms. Kuna Sangeetha

Ms. Sangeeta is a trained teacher, loves working with children and is adaptable and eager to learn.

Ms. Nidhi Manohar

Ms. Nidhi is a Pre Primary Trained teacher with four years of experience in teaching. She is flexible and has positive outlook.