Special Education / Life Skills

The Child is the Light And Life of The Nation

Ms. Anisha

She is our Special Educator and has done her B.Ed in Special Education from NIMH. She deals with Special Children and their parents in a very special manner. Her goal is to fulfill the educational needs of these children; at the same time, she gives emotional confidence and succour to their parents. Her strength is being optimistic and creative.

Ms. Mamtha

Having done her Masters in Psychology, Mamta has joined SVIS as a school Counsellor for the primary classes.

Rakhi Lalwani

This is Rakhi’s second innings at SVIS. She was with us from inception but took a hiatus for a year and is back with a lot more energy than before. She is an M.A. B. Ed with Psychology, has a B. Ed degree and has been counseling children with special needs.

Ms. Manju Bhagtani

Mrs. Manju holds a PG diploma in Business Management and has nearly 10 years of working experience. She is a highly flexible performer who excels with effective communication. She is a positive minded person and has a keen sense of motivation. She has joined our team as a Life Skills educator, to impart the knowledge beyond books to our children.

Ms. Sarjana Ranchandani

A humanities graduate from Pune University, Sarjana has done her diploma in Textile designing from Sophias Polytechnic, Mumbai. She served as a head of Acorns International Pre-school- a British school in Kampala, Uganda. She has also served as the Centre head at Polka Dots, Jubilee Hills. She was an arts and craft teacher and an English teacher at Delhi Public School, Kampala, Uganda. She has a passion for Arts and is currently involved in teaching value education and Life skills in SVIS. A multi-talented individual, Sarjana’s goal is to continue learning and exchanging new, creative methodologies for the holistic development of the children at SVIS.